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How to install Eclipse Oxygen (4.7) on macOS for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Developing and deploying applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform is strict when it comes to adhering to the correct order of development applications. Since SAP HANA Cloud Platform relies on Eclipse for designing applications and ensuing deployments it is pivotal to know which Java Development Kit (JDK) you need to have installed on macOS. Beware, […]

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Enterprise Performance Management: Trends für 2017

Which trends prevail for 2017 and beyond within the realm of Enterprise Performance Management and what topics are most intensely discussed?

Find below a quick review of those topics that include:

Analytics adviser: the new role for the CFO
The 3 steps of the Prediction Analytics Cycle
Relevant use cases for the financial services industry
As in previous posts this paper is available for download either as pdf (ciber fin insight vol02)or you may generate it online via the LaTex service.


SAP Learning Hub: Intro

If you are like me into the new era of SAP business solutions you most likely face the same dilemma: keep yourself on the tip of your toes education-wise while juggling this with a busy work schedule. One way you could keep yourself up-to-date is the education platform SAP Learning Hub.