A Reverse World of Digitals

Digitalization gives birth to real things

Today we endeavor to digitize everything. Shopping cards, credit cards, services, passports etc. But why do we do that? The thing is we still hang somewhat deep in our pre-digital thoughts that

  1. A real, material thing is the origin of all things real. That is, a material credit card or passport is the origin of its mere being. It in itself represents the foundation upon which we draw a right. As a case in point, if we have the physical credit card with us we can pay; if we have the physical passport with us we can travel.
  2. The physical thing has a digital child, be it an account mirroring the data linked with the credit card or passport. However, if you lose the physical master, the digital child becomes an orphan.

I ask myself:

»Why is it that material things give birth to digitals and not the other way around? «

Introducing Apple Card. Apple turned that maxim upside down.

The card is a pure digital product which – if you need it – has a physical child linked to it, a platinum one. The master, however, is of sole digital nature and lives in your Apple Wallet. In turn, should you loose the material child, it does not make a difference since the originator is digital.

Just thinking.

Apple Card: a digital parent with a physical child

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